Tech Specs

Technical & Feature Specifications

The following are the detailed technical specifications & feature-sets of each of our products.  Please download the .pdf to access this information for each product.



The DoorVu is a high-spec Smart Doorbell, providing the ability to remotely view your front door via your Smartphone and communicate / act in various ways to your visitors - whether it’s to speak to them via the Speaker / mic, or remotely let them into your home (using the remote door release functionality).

DoorVu’s design and build of the product is second-to-none, providing an extremely smart (in both senses of the word!) way to replace your existing doorbell.



AccessVu brings together elegant design, high-quality robust finish with the latest technologies in door entry systems.  The AccessVu range offers excellent video and audio quality, and comes in kit form - combining door station and video monitors, with the ability to connect up to x4 colour video screens.

AccessVu is designed to last an age, with timeless design making it a perfect part of your front-door furniture . . .



The WifiVu is a high-quality WIFI security camera, controllable via an app - with up to 180° field of view in HD (high definition)  and with 2-way audio.

View what's going on inside your property, listen / talk and record footage remotely - via an easy-to-use app.

Easy to set-up.  Get started within minutes.  Full feature-set.  High-quality build.



VandalVu is a range of Vandal-proof CCTV cameras, designed to deliver high quality images in the toughest of conditions.

The VandalVu range includes a fixed lens camera, as well as a high-quality 2m zoom-lens camera - both encased in tough steal to maximise protection against vandalism.

  • VandalVu Fixed
  • VandalVu Zoom


The DashVu range of Dash Cams provide a mix of high spec features and good build-quality at an affordable price.  The latest in the range is the DashVu 2, which has a unique ’snub nose’ design with an integrated 1080p Sony™ lens, providing exceptionally sharp video and clarity over a super wide 170° viewing angle.

Additional features include GPS, allowing you to retrace routes with the video footage for better journey analysis, and WIFI connection, allowing you to view your parked car remotely using the mobile app.